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Apply Vinyl to MDF & Furniture | Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Apply Vinyl to MDF & Furniture | Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Follow-up to my intro to vinyl wrapping wood video from 2018. This video is LONG and very detailed. I decided to just dump all the info in my head about wrapping vinyl over MDF and made up the top 5 tips & tricks I wish i knew when I first started woodworking and vinyl wrapping. Please see the chapters below to go to the portion you might be interested in. I will also leave links below for the tools I recommend and vinyl I recommend. Thanks for Watching! 00:00 Introduction 00:21 Vinyl removal Tips 05:24 MDF Faces - Seal or not? 08:41 MDF Edges - Importance of sealing 11:50 MDF - Wrap Around corners 15:43 Wrapping over edges 19:35 Melamine - sealing edges 25:36 MDF - Wrapping door front & edges 32:35 Wrap-up Great budget squeegee - budget water based poly - Shellac (non-wax) - Awesome little kit for wrapping - Heat Gun I use (not necessary to get expensive brand) - Top of the line 3M Vinyl -TONS of colors - Denatured Alcohol to mix with water - Best spray bottle I have found - Bondo glazing putty for edges of melamine - Please checkout more about Square Splinter via the links below: FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Patreon: Instagram - Facebook - Website: